4Ocean – The Great Clean-up Story

In 2017, we were sent on assignment to Ghana.

Our trip was overshadowed by an unimaginable amount of plastic waste washed-up on the otherwise picturesque beaches. It had congregated so high in parts that the beach was impassable.

As well as the obvious eye-sore, we couldn’t help but think about the life-threatening impact this must have on the sea life. We left Ghana somewhat saddened.

Since returning home, we’ve been more aware of the media messages highlighting the global impact of plastic waste and the serious threat it causes to life.

We felt compelled to do something, and so ever since, we have been supporting 4Ocean, who work to clean-up the sea’s plastic pollution, one pound at a time.

With each new project we undertake, we make a donation. It’s a drop in the ocean, but we hope that this small gesture will eventually make a big difference.

You can visit www.4ocean.com to learn more.


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