Project in focus: BFS Accountants

We were delighted to work with BFS Accountants on a project in late 2018.

We know what you’re thinking: ‘you have to say you enjoyed working with your clients!’ Firstly, that’s not true at all – although we’d never speak negatively about a client – and secondly, the reason we enjoyed working with them so much is because they shared our beliefs about video marketing.

As soon as we spoke to the company’s owner on the phone, he made no secret about the fact that he finds most corporate videos boring and uninspiring – music to our ears!

You see, quite often, our first obstacle with any client is getting them to think more ambitiously with video, rather than look at what the status quo is doing.

Video is often a hard medium to track the effectiveness of, and so many companies don’t experience the true potential it can have on their business.

With BFS, they were savvy to the fact that they needed to be different and engaging, and so thankfully we could jump straight into the nitty gritty.

As mentioned in this post, we begin any project by (kindly) grilling our clients in order to learn as much about them as possible, such as:

  • Who are they as a company? What is their history, their goals, and their ethos?
  • Who are their customers/clients, and how can we speak to them in a way they will be receptive to?
  • What are they looking to achieve from video? Acquire more customers? Increase brand awareness? Educate their audience?

Now, we obviously cannot (and wouldn’t wish to) publish everything we learnt about their business and their goals, but one thing that become apparent was that they liked to help start-ups achieve growth. We also learnt that many of their clients were family orientated.

With a greater understanding of the business and their target market, we put our creative juices to work and created this campaign:



Breaking it down:

We worked with child actors to assume the roles of young business owners. There were two reasons we did this: firstly, we wanted them to symbolize start-up companies, who are obviously young in nature. Secondly, many of BFS’ clients have children of their own, and so we wanted to engage with them on a level of familiarity.

With regards to the dialogue, we created a script that was engaging and light-hearted, but that also underlined some of the serious problems clients face when working with an accountancy firm. From here, we then emphasized the unique qualities of BFS Accountants, so that viewers could ascertain whether this was the type of company that they would like to work with.

We ended the advert with a strong ‘call to action’ that encouraged small businesses to get in touch, as well as including the relevant contact details so that they could do.


Targeting the video

It isn’t unusual for us to come across a potentially effective video campaign that simply isn’t receiving views because it hasn’t been marketed correctly.

With BFS, we devised a plan to ensure that the video was reaching the right people in the right places.

With a modest advertising budget, the video was marketed through (paid) online social platforms, and aimed at business owners in the local community.


The stats

Here are a few stats from the project:

  • The video received over 30,000 views from local business owners in the first few weeks of being published
  • 2500 people engaged with the video in some way, such as liking and sharing the video, clicking through to the BFS website etc.
  • 5,555 minutes of viewing time was consumed (not bad for a video less than 1 minute in length)
  • All of the above led to an increase in brand awareness for the company, as well as new enquiries from potential clients

Aside from the above, it is important to highlight that this type of video campaign is unique to the market place. Therefore, viewers watching the video will associate BFS Accountants as a forward-thinking company that takes its marketing seriously. This can’t be a bad thing, can it?

So there you have it…

We hope this inspires you to think differently about video advertising, and realise that its potential is much bigger than you probably ever thought possible.

Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness, acquire more clients/customers, or educate your audience, call us on 0114 438 7707, or email hello@foundryfilms.co.uk


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